Tattoo Cover-Ups at Capone Ink

Our skilled artists are experts in the art of tattoo cover-ups. We can help you reimagine your existing tattoos in various ways:

  • Black and Grey Cover-Ups: If you prefer the timeless elegance of black and grey, we can design intricate cover-ups that seamlessly blend with your existing tattoo, creating a fresh and captivating piece.
  • Colour Cover-Ups: For those who want to add vibrancy to their body art, we offer stunning colour cover-ups. Our artists are adept at using a wide palette of colours to breathe new life into old tattoos, transforming them into eye-catching designs.
  • Blackout Tattoos: As a last resort, we offer blackout tattoos for those who wish to completely obscure an existing tattoo. This technique involves covering a large area with solid black ink, providing a bold and dramatic look. Additionally, we can use white ink over the blackout area to create new and striking designs, giving you endless possibilities for artistic expression.

How to book in

To book a cover-up, the best way is to message the artist or Capone directly through Instagram. Please include a photo of your current tattoo or scar, along with a reference or theme you'd like for the cover-up. This will help us determine if a cover-up is feasible or if we recommend some laser sessions to lighten the area first.

Cover-up examples