Scar Cover-Up

Tattooing Over Scars: What You Need to Know

Ensuring Your Scars are Ready for Ink

Before considering a tattoo over a scar, ensure your scars are completely healed, which can take up to a year for deeper scars. The type of scar matters too; some scars hold ink better than others. For instance, stretch marks often don’t retain ink as well. Consulting with your chosen artist is essential for personalized advice.

Consultation with Your Artist

Contact the artist you wish to work with for a consultation. They need to see the scar to determine if they're the right fit for the job. Scars with more depth and texture, such as surgical scars, can be trickier to tattoo over and camouflage.

Incorporating Scars into Tattoo Designs

Complete concealment of a scar might not be possible, but that’s often not the goal. Many people opt for designs that incorporate their scars or draw attention away from them. If it makes you feel more comfortable, that’s what matters.

Pain Considerations

Tattooing over scars can be more painful, depending on the scar’s depth and size. Scar tissue can become aggravated during tattooing, and fresher scars tend to be more painful. Even if the scar appears red and raised during and immediately after the tattooing process, this should calm down within a day or so.

Setting Realistic Expectations

While artists can create beautiful designs over scars, it's important to set realistic expectations. Tattooing over scar tissue isn’t the same as tattooing over normal skin, and outcomes can vary. Some scars may not hold ink as well, and there might be more pain and a longer process. Scar tissue could also lead to blowouts or other healing issues. Multiple sessions or touch-ups may be needed, so plan accordingly.

Embrace Your Imperfections

Remember, there’s no need to camouflage scars or blemishes unless you choose to. Everyone has imperfections, and they are a part of who we are. If you decide to get a tattoo over a scar, contact Capone Ink for expert advice and quality tattoo work. Our experienced artists are ready to help you transform your scars into art.

How to Book

To book a cover-up, the best way is to message the artist or Capone directly through Instagram. Please include a photo of your current tattoo or scar, along with a reference or theme you'd like for the cover-up. This will help us determine if a cover-up is feasible.